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We need you!


Dear friends,


you already know that many companies are fighting for their survival right now.

Maybe you are in the position to help us a little bit. Every amount, it doesn't matter how little, is more than welcome. We have created a Paypal-Donation-Link and you can also find our bank account details,

for those who don't have Paypal.

All donations we are going to receive, will count as a down payment for Foc i Oli in Calle Aribau as soon as we reopen. Further more, we will invite you to a drink!

FOC I OLI CALLE ARIBAU 91 · IBAN: ES3801820207850201963622


We also have activated a payment-gateway via El Tenedor, where you can make a down payment for Foc i Oli in Calle Paris. And we will certainly invite you to a drink.

Thank you, you are the best!! Viva el chivito!!

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